Thursday, March 25, 2010


It occurred to me this morning that I'm a bit mixed up.  Part of me is on the verge of being an old lady, another part of me is definitely kindergartner

A few days ago, my bangs were irritating me.  Gettin' in my eyes, doing funky things when I tried to curl them, you name it, they were/were not doing it (the "not" is for the things I wanted them to do).  So I did what any impulsive 5 year old would do, I grabbed a scissors (DH's mustache scissors were conveniently at hand, which is really a step up from the cuticle scissors, which I have also used upon occasion when sorely tried by my hair) and abbreviated them.  I have it down to a science - comb it all into a clump, grab, and snip.

Except this particular time, I apparently was in too much of a hurry to grab ALL of my bangs.  So when I was finished, I had shorter bangs in the front, and longer ones on top of that.  And in such a manner as to look particularly ridiculous.

I was immediately taken back to my elder daughter's haircutting binge.  For three years in a row, starting at age 3, she chopped a nice meaty section right out of her bangs, somewhere in the vicinity of oh, I dunno, the scalp.  Generally before a holiday where pictures were desirable.  (For some reason there is no photographic record of my younger daughter's hairdressing career, although I do remember she did some rather injudicious trimming of her own a time or two).  I consoled myself with the clarification that a) my cut was nowhere near the scalp, b) I used real scissors, and c) hardly got any thrill at all from the sound of blades cutting hair.

This morning I finally got around to fixing it - I used real scissors and combed it and everything.  Mulled over the kindergartner/old lady thing and decided not to think about it any more :) 

After all, I'll be too busy thinking up an excuse to tell my hairdresser...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smile, and do what you want to do :)

OK.  I'll admit it.  I have some decided opinions.  Not very many, and I'm tremendously easy-going most of the time.  But there are a few areas where I DO care, and I do NOT like to be told what to do.

A whole lotta internet stuff is triggering some of my firmly held opinions.

1. Cable internet should be on all the time, not flicker on and off (omg, I just spelled flicker "flickr." I spend wayyyy too much time online, now my brain is losing touch with reality and the Websters Dictionary version of word spelling).  This is required in order to keep one's various and sundry machines that are hooked UP to the internet happy and working.  Turns out that the various and sundry machines that are hooked up to the internet NEED to be kept happy and working in order to keep the denizens of the household happy and working.  'Specially the happy part.

2. Routers should just behave.  Do your job, baby, rout.

3.  When I say no when you ask me if I want the extended warranty, I mean NO.  I do not mean waste more of my time telling me why I should rethink (i.e. why I am WRONGGGGG) my decision.

4.  When I say I do not want to purchase an extended warranty for a router that is going to return the inhabitants of chez Southern to happy productive members of society at large and domesticity in particular, DO NOT SAY TO ME WHAT IF YOUR GRAND KIDS BREAK IT???  This is only a good argument for a woman who has a grand child with her, not one who is sorta kinda old enough to have grandchildren but does NOT and NEVER WILL if the inhabitants of said woman's house do not get their interwebs back and is therefore insulted to the MOON and back that you implied she was a grandmother with careless destructive grandchildren, no less.  If I was a woman of african american heritage I would shake my finger at you and get ghetto on your... um, derriere.  I'm not, but I was thinkin' about it.

5. Cords should just stop tangling themselves.  I know they're all friendly-like and that's sweet, but just stop hugging it out under my desk.  Capiche?

Ok, this is stress-relieving, but doesn't make much sense if you're on the outside of my brain (which ironically is everyone) so I'm going to go get a drink of something with caffeine in it and try to take a deep breath and calm down and install the new router.  Comcast, gird your loins lest this does not solve my problems, because you're next.  And keep your comments about my grandchildren or lack thereof to yourself!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

It has been my goal to create an additional blog for a bit more than a week, now.  I was feeling kinda badly about cluttering up my Julie. It is. blog with personal silliness, but a life with one's personal silliness unexpressed is a grim life, indeed ;)  So the obvious solution is another blog.  And since blogger now has kindly created pages, I won't have to think TOO hard to get them hooked up.  I hope. 

There has been some residual silliness already in choosing a name.  I hate it when I get an idea and try to implement it, and none of the components cooperate.  I mean, how perfect would it be to have a blog named random. it is. for my particular brand of randomicity?  Um, yeah, PERFECT.  Hello.  Unfortunately, someone else thought it was tres clever and took it first.  The annoying thing is that they do not appear to have used it, though, which smacks of dog-in-the-manger-y randomness and a total lack of concern for my cleverness.  ::sigh::  I went through a few iterations - simple. it is (too easy to interpret this in a very non-complimentary way, which sentiment I only came to upon finding it was in use); quirky. it is. (really big commitment, because quirky indicates a level of cleverness that I'm not sure I can live up to in the same direct relationship as I feel I can over-deliver to simple. it is.); daily. it is. (those who know me can readily identify the problem with this); accidentally on purpose (probably taken, and really, I am just SO COMMITTED to It is. right now that I didn't even check.)  Finally I got tired of trying to make it too perfect and randomly typed otherblogitis into the name checker, and bingo.  Figures.  Thinking [It] is. - often overdone and overhyped ;)