Saturday, March 20, 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

It has been my goal to create an additional blog for a bit more than a week, now.  I was feeling kinda badly about cluttering up my Julie. It is. blog with personal silliness, but a life with one's personal silliness unexpressed is a grim life, indeed ;)  So the obvious solution is another blog.  And since blogger now has kindly created pages, I won't have to think TOO hard to get them hooked up.  I hope. 

There has been some residual silliness already in choosing a name.  I hate it when I get an idea and try to implement it, and none of the components cooperate.  I mean, how perfect would it be to have a blog named random. it is. for my particular brand of randomicity?  Um, yeah, PERFECT.  Hello.  Unfortunately, someone else thought it was tres clever and took it first.  The annoying thing is that they do not appear to have used it, though, which smacks of dog-in-the-manger-y randomness and a total lack of concern for my cleverness.  ::sigh::  I went through a few iterations - simple. it is (too easy to interpret this in a very non-complimentary way, which sentiment I only came to upon finding it was in use); quirky. it is. (really big commitment, because quirky indicates a level of cleverness that I'm not sure I can live up to in the same direct relationship as I feel I can over-deliver to simple. it is.); daily. it is. (those who know me can readily identify the problem with this); accidentally on purpose (probably taken, and really, I am just SO COMMITTED to It is. right now that I didn't even check.)  Finally I got tired of trying to make it too perfect and randomly typed otherblogitis into the name checker, and bingo.  Figures.  Thinking [It] is. - often overdone and overhyped ;)


Elaine said...

it is...something I will look forward to following.

Anne of Alamo said...

a new disease to follow! woo hoo

Kiana said...

Let me know when you figure out how to link them all together! I have not figured that out yet.

MamaB said...

Had to clean my monitor!!!! RRRROFL