Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's that time again.

Today I broke down and turned on the air conditioning.  ::sigh:: It has been a weird spring weather-wise, but I guess that is what spring is all about :)

I also made a couple of discoveries today.

The vacuum cleaner actually works much better when you put in a new bag.  Go figure.

I do have a desk.  All this time I just thought it was a really tall pile of stuff.  Turns out I have a chair in my office, too, and not just a guinea pig food /things I need to scan pile.  Huh.

I have a lot of gadgets.  I want to take them all with me on vacation.  This is turning out to require a lot of charging cords.  Funny how I "think" I keep them all in the same place and then when I want/need one it isn't there...

It's also remarkable how the comforter doesn't fit back in the big plastic case it came in very well.  So I went ahead and jammed it in.  Pretty sure it's uncomfortable.  Which is all kinds of wrong.

OK, back to cleaning.  Hope you enjoy your Saturday!


MamaB said...

This poor lonely blog hasn't been updated in how long???? (says the blogless one giggle)

Elaine said...

I miss you, come back!